About Next Level Training

Our story:

Next Level Training (NLT) was officially formed in January 2009, but the roots of this organization go back much farther.  Next Level Training was founded on a true love for the game and a dedication to developing athletes in four major areas of soccer: physically, mentally, emotionally, and technically.  We are a premier technical training company that focuses on all aspects of technical development for athletes of all ages and skill levels.  We provide a fun, energetic and challenging  training environment that facilitates development.

Our philosophy:

We believe that in order to make your athlete the best they can be we must provide the best trainers possible.  Therefore, before we allow a trainer to work with our athletes they participate in a month long training program to ensure they share the NLT philosophy and passion (to learn more about our trainers please click on the "Trainers" tab on our home page).  Our trainers must not only be able to demonstrate and teach technique, but respectability as well by emphasizing teamwork and good sportsmanship and modeling that same behavior.

Our methods:

At NLT we offer individualized and specialized programs for any age and/or skill level.  From our seven-year-old beginners, to our dozens of players representing their countries in national team pools, to our 25-year-old athletes training for professional tryouts, we provide an intense and challenging training program while maintaining a fun and enjoyable learning environment.  We are confident that our program will bring out the best in each athlete and will provide them with the best opportunity to reach their full potential.  At NLT, our trainers enjoy sharing their knowledge and passion with any athlete who loves the game and is dedicated to their development.