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January 26th, 2016

Huge Congratulations to our MLS, NWSL, and National Team Athletes!

This past weekend proved to be another big one for the NLT family!

This past weekend in Baltimore they held the Mens 2016 MLS Super Draft and Women’s 2016 NWSL draft. Of the select few players that were drafted, from all over the country, three of them were Next Level Training athletes!

We couldn’t be more proud of the kids. We see them week in and week out, the amount of work they put in, the dedication to their game, the ability to implement, learn and adapt the knowledge they’re given is incredible. We are so excited for these three to continue their amazing careers and continue developing themselves as people and players within our Next Level Training program.

Congrats to Zach Carroll for being drafted by the New York Red Bulls!

Next Level Training athlete Zach Carrol drafted by MLS New York Red Bulls

Congrats to Mallory Weber for being drafted by the Western New York Flash!

Next Level Training athlete Mallory Weber drafted by NWSL Western New York Flash

Congrats to Summer Green for being drafted by the Seattle Reign!

Next Level Training athlete Summer Green drafted by NWSL Seattle Reign

Of course we’re biased with the players but these programs received not only incredibly talented athletes, but super hard working, disciplined, motivated and positive people.

National Team Program Athletes

To further the exciting news we received, we received news that multiple NLT players have been called into their countries National Team programs. It started with hearing Alexa Spaanstra and Izzy Rodriguez got called back into the USA U-17 National Team Camp and then received confirmation they both made the U17 CONCACAF qualifying team.

Next Level Training Athletes Alexa Spaanstra and Izzy Rodriguez called to USWNT U-17 National Team Camp

Then, Taylor Kornieck received her call in to the USA U-18 National Team Camp.

Next Level Training Athlete Taylor Kornieck called to USWNT U-18 National Team Camp

The news continued into the U-20s that Courtney Petersen and Emily Ogle got called in again to the USA U-20 National Team Camp.

Next Level Training Athlete Courtney Petersen

Next Level Training athletes Courtney Petersen and Emily Ogle called to USWNT U-20 National Team Camp

Also over the week we received news that Maria Jaramillo had been called into the Full Colombian National Team camp.

Next Level Training Athlete Maria Jaramillo called up to Colombian National Team Camp

But the news didn’t stop there.

A few more NLT superstars have also been recalled into USA National Team camps, with Mouse Kovacs being called into the USA U-19 camp, Mallory Weber into the USA U-23 camp and Kellyn Acosta was called by Jurgen Klinsmann into the full USA National team Mens camp this entire month.

Next Level Training Athletes Mouse Kovacs and Kellyn Acosta

What an amazing month it’s been for NLT, we are so excited for our athletes and couldn’t be happier to be a part of their growth and development in this beautiful game. Stay tuned as we have some more super exciting news coming soon.