Frequently Asked Questions


Where are your training facilities located?

If you are training at our Sterling Heights location it is located at 42840 Merrill, Sterling Heights, MI 48314 inside the Michigan Revolution Training Center.

If you are training at our Novi location it is located at 46039 Grand River, Novi, MI 48374.

If you are training at our Oxford location it is located at 533 S. Lapeer Road, Oxford, MI 48371.

If you are training at our Mundy Township location it is located at 5431 Hill 23 Drive, Mundy Township, MI 48507.

If you are training at our Brighton location it is located at 9299 Goble Dr., Brighton, MI 48116.

How much are classes?

Those who pay in full for the 8 week session by week two pay $210.

Those who wish to pay as they go pay $30/class.

How do I pay for my class?

At this time we only accept checks (made out to NLT) or cash. Payment can be made to any trainer.

Oops, I forgot to bring payment with me to class. Can I still receive the discount?

We understand things happen so we give you until week 2 to pay in full so you can always bring it with you to your next class. If you would prefer to mail it, please send it to:

  • Next Level Training
  • 4340 Squirrel Rd.
  • Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304
I saw someone wearing a Next Level Training apparel. How can I get some?

We are very lucky to have partnered with Under Armour, giving us the ability to offer the best quality training gear out there. We have a very large selection of clothing in stock at our Sterling Heights facility, but if you’re unable to get there please email Marissa at with your order. You may also fill out an order form (found on our website) and give it to any trainer along with your payment.

Do you ever cancel classes due to weather? How will I know if my class is cancelled?

We do not cancel classes due to weather. The only time we have had to cancel classes it was due to a power outage. In the event we do have to cancel we will post an announcement on our website and send out an email.

I missed my class, can I make it up?

We do not offer make up classes. Unfortunately, no matter how we try it, make ups are costly to our business. You are welcome to pay as you go should your schedule not be consistent enough to attend every week. Please note you have the option to pay as you go as we will not offer refunds should you miss class. We understand things happen and we are willing to work with you, but please be aware of this policy when selecting your payment method. If you are worried your training schedule will conflict with your class, please pay as you go.

  • – If you have paid in full and you can no longer train on your scheduled day, which would result in 4+ missed classes, we will do our best to move you to another class.
  • – If you have paid in full and you will miss 1-2 classes, we will not move you to another class those weeks as those would be considered make up classes.


Do I have to sign up for the full 8 weeks?

No, we do not require that you sign up for the full 8 week session. However, most sessions we do have a wait list so if you only want to drop into a few classes we will fit you in when we can.

How do I schedule a drop in?

We welcome drop ins when we have room. To schedule a drop in please email to check class availability.

Something has happened and I need to cancel the session. How do I do that? Can I get a refund?

We no longer offer refunds.

Too often have we turned people away because we are full only to receive an email stating that someone has decided to join the school basketball team, etc and can no longer train with us. This is costly to our business and it means that someone who really wanted to train with us couldn’t because we didn’t have a spot. We also receive emails requesting refunds for missed classes. We will no longer issue refunds for classes not attended as this is also very costly to our business.

This applies to everyone, whether you’ve signed up for 8 or 5 or 2 classes, etc. Regarding refunds due to injury, we follow MSYSA guidelines regarding injury related withdrawals, meaning we will refund for injuries, but require a note from your child’s doctor before issuing a refund.

I received an invoice asking me to pay for classes I didn’t attend. Why?

Our policy, stated here in the FAQs and in every class confirmation states the following:

“If you register for a session, you are making a commitment to be there for 8 weeks. Obviously things come up and that’s where make ups come in. If you sign up for a session and fail to attend you will still be charged. If you fail to report 2 absences in a row you will be charged for those classes and removed from the roster. Most every session has a wait list. By taking a spot and failing to attend, you are denying someone else the opportunity to train.

When you take a spot in a class and fail to show, we lose revenue. We understand things come up, but we expect you to communicate that to us. We have no idea that Jane is sick or that you can’t find a ride.”

On the class schedule I see classes that are “booked” or “closed.” What are those and can I join?

Classes that say “booked” or “closed” are teams or college spots. We do not pre-fill classes. Teams make up their own rosters and we do not add to them unless the team asks for some assistance filling their rosters. College classes are for college students so unless you or your child is a college student, no. If you are interested in organizing a team training spot, please email

My daughter/son is a U-9 but plays for a U-11 team. Can I register her/him for a Technical Training ages 10-12 class?

At NLT we train by age, which is reflected in our class titles (Technical Training ages 8-10, Techncial Training ages 12-14, etc). We know you want your athlete to be challenged, and we do too, so please sign up for an age appropriate class and the trainers will move kids up or down as necessary.

Note: this example applies to any age group.

What goes on in a general technical skills class?

In all of our general skills classes we focus on three main areas of skill development. Trapping, passing and dribbling. We go through various patterns and drills to continually repeat and develop those three skills. We also focus on ball mastery, balance and body control, fast footwork, and changing direction and speeds.

Is your training progressive?

All of our training sessions are progressive and different from week to week. However, the skill sets in the game do not change. As kids and classes develop, we introduce new skills and combination patterns to continually challenge them. However, we do not progress or move on if classes are behind certain skill sets as we want to make sure they understand and can grow properly on the important skill components.

What do you mean by skill specific? What happens in these classes?

Skill specific classes focus on certain skills within the game. For example, shooting and finishing will spend very little time on passing, trapping and dribbling, instead focusing mainly on learning to strike a ball and scoring goals. An Opposite Foot class will work solely on the player’s week foot and learning to master the ball with their weak foot and build confidence as a two footed player.

What do you mean by position specific? What happens in these classes?

Position specific classes are geared 100% towards the nuances of that certain position. For example, our outside back/midfield class spends the majority of 8 weeks working on opening up, playing balls down the line, attacking down a line to serve a cross, attacking to combine with a forward, etc.

Are parents allowed to watch?

Parents are welcome & encouraged to sit in and watch all of our classes. Our only request is that you allow us to do the coaching/training and for you to enjoy watching your athlete develop, grow and have fun. Please do not coach from the sideline.

What does it mean when a class says Technical Training ages 9-11 or TT 12-14?

A TT 9-11 class is for kids ages 9, 10, & 11 (a TT 12-14 is for kids 12, 13, & 14. You get the idea). It is a general technical skills class and we recommend all newcomers take one of these classes before a position/skill specific class.

Are classes grouped by ability or by age?

We always want our athletes to be in the best classes for them developmentally. We have an ongoing evaluation process and will move a player, to either a higher or lower level class, to make sure that they are in the best training environment.

Do you offer speed, agility, & quickness training?

All of our classes incorporate various aspects of these skills during our training drills, but we do not do training specifically for speed, agility & quickness. If you are interested in concentrated training in one of those areas a gym or personal trainer would be best.

What is the average class size? What is your trainer to player ratio?

Our class sizes vary but our maximum player to trainer ratio is 12:1. In most instances the ratio is 8:1.

Are we allowed to join a session in progress?

Yes, as long as there is room we will be happy to have you. However, those new to our programs should be aware that our training is progressive so it can be a bit intimidating for kids who are unfamiliar with our drills to jump in. We also may require you join a general technical class versus a skill specific.

Will we receive a class confirmation?

For our 8 week class sessions, you will receive confirmation via e-mail that you have been signed up for the class. If the class you requested is full, we will provide you with alternatives that are available.

What should I wear/bring to class?

Our facilities are equipped with field turf so players should wear either cleats or turf shoes. No other equipment is required but we do recommend that the player bring a pumped up soccer ball and water. We do have soccer balls available for use in case someone forgets.

Is your training for everyone or just club players?

We train all players starting at age 7 and at all skill levels from beginners to professionals. We do not have a level or skill requirement, however the player should be passionate and dedicated about improving their game.

Do you train all ages?

We train players from the ages of 7 and up. The player must be at least 7, but other than that there is no age limit.

I am in college. Do you have any classes for me?

Yes, we do offer classes for college students, though those new to our training may be asked to attend a High School class first for an evaluation. Please email for more details.

How can I find out about upcoming classes/sessions?

Current and future sessions are posted on the web site. Click on the classes link to find out more. You can also send us an e-mail to be added to our distribution list.

Who are the trainers? What is their experience?

All of our trainers have extensive soccer backgrounds. Most have played both collegiately and/or professionally. We rotate our trainers from location to location on a week to week basis. While we all teach the same techniques and drills, we feel that our athletes gain a better understanding of the game by receiving different training styles and personalities.

Learn more about the NLT staff at our Trainers page.

Are you affiliated with any clubs? Do you coach any teams?

No, we hold no affiliation with any club teams in Michigan. We work with athletes from all clubs and do not promote any one specific club or team. This allows us to train players from any and all clubs. We do not coach any teams so we can keep our exclusivity as a training organization. Players from all teams or clubs are welcome to (and do) participate. We do provide training at the team level if we have time and space available. This team training is open to any team or club.


Do you offer team/group training?

We do. Please contact us for current pricing.

I am in a group spot/I am the team organizer, how do we pay?

As team organizer you are responsible for collecting payment from your families. We require one check (made to NLT) at your first class.

Our team has to miss our weekly class. Can we make it up?

If the entire team has to miss training we will offer one make up, as long as the absence is reported.

Summer Camp

Do you offer summer camps?

We offer a variety of summer camps during the July/August time frame. These camps run for 5 days and are located in Wixom, Washington, Clinton Township, and Bloomfield. We also offer a 2 day pre-tryout camp during May/June in order to prepare players for the team tryout’s they will be participating in.

We signed up for one of your summer camps but now have a conflict. What is the camp cancellation/refund policy?

For our 5 day summer camps, the cancellation policy is as follows:

  • Cancel within 1 month of the event – 100% refund (e.g. camp 7/2 cancel by 6/03)
  • Cancel within 3 weeks of the event – 75% refund (e.g. camp date 7/2 cancel by 6/10)
  • Cancel within 2 weeks of the event – 50% refund (e.g. camp date 7/2 cancel by 6/17)

For cancellations occurring with less than 2 weeks’ notice no refund will be provided. We have already scheduled our trainers at this point based on the number of participants that have signed up for the camp.

What happens if it storms?

Each of our camp locations has some form of shelter that we can use in case of a storm. If it is simply raining we will play through. If there is thunder & lightning we will take shelter and wait it out. In the extremely unlikely event the storm rages all afternoon we will call parents to pick up and offer a make up day at one of our other camps.

My daughter/son has a medical condition. Are they allowed to participate?

Throughout the years we have had several children with medical conditions from diabetes to severe allergies participate in our camps. As long as the condition is fairly easily controlled and we are aware beforehand it should not be a problem. There is always an adult in the tent able to help should a problem arise.

It’s really hot. What are you doing to make sure the kids aren’t overheating?

Yes, July in Michigan is often hot. Since we are also out running around in this heat we are aware it can be uncomfortable. We offer several breaks for rest and water throughout the day and we take about an hour for lunch. During these periods the kids are welcome to sit in the shade and rest. You are welcome to bring a tent as well. Tents must be taken down at the end of each day.

What should I bring to camp?

Kids should come dressed appropriately to play soccer. They should bring a ball, plenty of water, and a lunch. You may provide snacks as well. We recommend fruit as it is also very hydrating.

Will I receive a confirmation for summer camp?

You will not receive a confirmation for summer camp. When you submit your registration you are considered to be signed up for the camp. You will only be notified if the camp is full.

Are we allowed to set up tents?

Yes, you may bring a tent to provide shade for your children. You are responsible for tent set up and take down each day. No tents may be left up overnight.

Do you offer before and/or after care?

We do offer before and after camp care. You may drop off as early as 8:00 and pick up as late as 4:00 (regular camp hours are 9:00-3:00). We request pre-registration on your camp registration form, but understand things happen and you may need the service with no notice. If you do not sign up on your camp registration but do end up needing extended hours please email to register. Please note that if you register for AM and/or PM care and your situation changes, refunds will follow our standard camp refund schedule.